FUKAI, Yuzo Why Did Germany not Succeed in Achieving a Neutron Chain Reaction During World War II ? —From the Viewpoint of Nuclear Reactor Physics— 1
Lian Bo Japanese Colonial Sciences in China (1) —Documents, Area, Age and Problemsetting— 28
FUKUI, Shuji Doctors Tsunesaburo ASADA, Hantaro NAGAOKA, and Fritz HABER —Their Strict Attitude on Research on Gold and Some Personal Relations— 41
TSUNEKAWA, Seiji An Analysis of Engineers in Meiji Japan —Artisans and Artisan-Engineers Constructed Modern Technologies— 67
Jian Bo Research on Development Process of Graphical User Interface of Computer 86
SAIDA, Yasunobu A Study of Paraconsistent Logic PCL2 116
Dong Yuan The Study on Elementary Protothetic 120
MIYAMOTO, Eiji The Justification of Mathmatics in Nazis Germany in 1930's —From the Viewpoint of Mathmatics Education— 124

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