Trevor H. Levere The History of Science: What it is, and Why it Matters 1
Zhang Ming-guo Slow Progress in Science and Technology in the late Ching Dynasty China — from Comparative View between China and Japan 17
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Lawrence Badash American Physicists, Nuclear Weapons in WWII, and Social Responsibility 36
Igor Drovenikov On the Ethical Motivations of the Atomic Scientists 46
Walter E. Grunden Reflections on Past and Future Directions in the Historiography of Japan's WWII Nuclear Weapons Research 51
Mark Walker Action, Intent, and Hitler's Bomb 62
Fumio Arakawa WCSJ−Its current status and perspective 62
Hikari Mizusawa A history of the Japanese Army's aeronautical research strategy during the early period of WWII 81
Daishi Okada Post-War Reform Program at the Tokyo Institute of Technology 91
Md. Mamunur Rashid Bangladesh’s Natural Gas Dilemma 110
Kyoko Mimura Medical Technology and Society: A Case Study of Mammography Screening in Japan 114
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