TAKUMA, Naoki History of Metrological Research in the Electro-Technical Laboratory: Falling Behind and Catching Up 1
FUKAI, Yuzo Review of the Criticality Calculating Method Suggested by Arakatsu 31
FUKUI, Shuji On a Small Side Plant of Nishina's NI-Project in Osaka Imperial University 40
KOBAYASHI, Manabu The Displacement in Longitude on INO Tadataka's maps of Edo Japan 57
NAKANE, Michiyo Difference between Historical and Pseudo-Historical Approaches to Mathematics 63
FURUBAYASHI, Yuka The Establishment of Macromolecular Chemistry in Japan and The Japanese Research Association of Synthetic Fibers(Nihon Gohsei Sen-i Kyokai) during World War II 79
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