YAMAZAKI,Masakatsu Scientific Ethics in the Age of Science and Technology 1
KAJI,Masanori New archival material on D.I.Mendeleev's son's visit to Japan 19
OKADA,Daishi An Interview with Shunsuke Tsurumi : Faculty members in humanities of Tokyo Institute of Technology during 1950s. 31
KAJIKI,Shinya Why did indigenous development of Japanese civilian transport plane stop ? : An analysis of STOL aircraft project 57
KURIHARA,Takeshi Non military Character of the National Science Foundation and the Movement of the Federation of American Scientists 61
TSUCHIYA,Akiyoshi Introduction of Engineering Ethics in Japan 67
TSUNEKAWA,Seiji An Analysis of the Early Electrical Engineers in Meiji Japan 71
SHIGEMATSU,Mayumi A Study on a Citizen's Research Activity in an Antipollution Movement in Japan :A Case Study of a Citizen's Air Pollution Measurement in Kawasaki 81

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