FUKAI, Yuzo Fermi's Legacy: The Disappearance of Fermi's Concept of Neutron Slowing-down by Protons from Current Reactor Physics 1
KURIHARA, Takeshi The Organizations for Research and Development on Radiological Warfare after the Second World War in the United States: 1945-1948 31
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FUKUI, Shuji

U.S. Army Destroyed Japanese Cyclotrons: U.S. Official Record Shows Two in the Imperial University of Osaka, What was the Second

<Short Summaries of The New Dissertations >
ARAKAWA, Fumio A Study on the Development of Japanese Power Systems Engineering 81
KONAGAYA, Daisuke Interaction of Experimental Programs: A Study of the Development of Experimental Research on Heat Radiation in Germany at the End of the 19th Century 101
SHENG, Ye Lan The Role of Qing Dynasty Bureaucrats in the Introduction of Modern Science and Technology to China in the End of 19th and Early 20th Century 115

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