FUKUI, Shunji How Did America Physicists Act over the Atomic Bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, and What Did the Japanese on the Ground Do When the Bombs Exploded? 1
FURUYA, Shintaro Thomas Kuhn Revisited: A Preliminary Discussion 31
UEHA, Sadayuki

An Essay on Practical Research Methodology of Engeneering Science: A 40-year Research Experience in Ultrasonic Engineering

<Documments with Commentaries >
YUASA, Tomoe and NAKANE, Michiyo Struggling with Negative Quantities: D'Alembert's Araticle on "Negatif" L'encyclopedie 59
<Short Summaries of The New Dissertations >
TAKUMA, Naoki A History of the Upgrading, Maintenance, and Provision of Measurement Standards 69
GAO, Yang The Establishment and Function of the Scientific and Technical Administration Commission (STAC) 88
OOHASHI, Masanori A Study on Tense Logic: with a Focus on Modalities and Deterministic Characteristics 98
OYAMADA, Keiichi A Study of Logical Ontology as a General Theory of Concepts and Objects 105
TANAKA, Satoshi An Investigation on the Quantification Theory which Reflects Ockham's Theory of Supposition 110

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