NAKANE, Michiyo The Introduction of the Canonical Transformation to the Hamilton-Jacobi Theory at the Beginning of Twentieth Century 1
NOZAWA, Satoshi "Conservation Law" and "Acceleration Law" in Johann Bernoulli's Mechanics 14
KATAGIRI, Maika Female Students in Tokyo Institute of Technology: From Early Years to the Present 41
TSUNEKAWA, Seiji An Analysis of Engineers in Meiji Japan —Artisans and Artisan-Engineers Constructed Modern Technologies— 67
OKUDA, Kenzo The US Foreign Policy and the Introduction of Technology to Japan in the Early Period of the Cold War —Yomiuri Shimbun and the Introduction of Television Broadcasting and Atomic Energy to Japan: 1945-1956— 65
KAJIKI, Shinya What Happened to Japan's National Projects in Transportation Technology ? : The Cases of STOL and TSL 85
KOBAYASHI, Manabu A Study of the Development of the High Pressure Steam Engine in the 19th Century 106
KIBA, Atsuhiko A Historical Study of Manufacturing Structure at the Benxi Steel Complex—A Steel Complex from Japan to China— 125

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