The Structure of Reasoning of a Causal Sentence 1
FUJITA,Yuji On Creation and Logical Basis of the Concept of Mata-laguage 10
SHIDORI,Tomoki A Logicalsystem which pay heed to individual and general information 14
KIMOTO,Tadaaki Development of 'DIPS' Computer and its Social Meadow 18
TANAKA,Kazutoshi Historical Study of Official Vocational Training and its Curriculum in Japan 37
BAI,Jin-Shi An Analisys of the R&D Policy for Computer Technology in Japan 47
MORIMOTO.Eiichi The Historical Study of the Formation of Hyashi's Quantification Theory 51
WANG,Hong-Liang The Structural Analyse of Technology in the Japanese Machine Tool after World War II 55
LEE,Gqeong-Hwa The Study of Disciplinary Formation of Biochemistry in Korea 59
PARK,Hee-Woo Social and Economic Study of Techlonogical Development in South Korea Since 1948 63
YE,Fen-Bin An Analisys on Japanese Steel Technology System after World War II 67

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